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Fear Essay Examples

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Lamb to the Slaughter – Study of Mary Maloney

I am going to explain within this essay how I think Mary Maloney’s character changes in the story Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl. When the story opens Mary is a content, loving and devoted wife and is six months pregnant and happy to be so. “Now and again she would g lance up…

The Fear Factor

The Salem Witch Trials and the 1950’s Red Scare were both the product of fear, hysteria, suspicion, and false accusations. These black events in American history had countless similarities that led to the persecution of many innocent individuals. In many ways, these events were initiated because of human nature and fear of the unknown. It…

The role fear plays in the actions

Fear has brought its way into a little town called Aqua traverse, motivating them into cold blooded kidnappers. The role of fear appears in many of the villagers in particular Michele, Felice and Pino as they show numerous areas of fear throughout the novel I’m not scared. An innocent young boy Michele takes his fears…



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Superstitions in “Jane Eyre”

When reading literature from different cultures around the world, most readers become familiar with certain aspects of each region’s folklore. Every tribe or nation has heroes and villains, mythical or historical, which figure into its everyday conversation. As powerful as heroic men and women may be, often the more potent characters are the mysterious ones:…

Life is full of challenges

Life is full of challenges. In the stories, “Breaking Through Uncertainty-Welcoming Adversity” and “Neighbours,” written by Jim McCormick and Lien Chao, the main characters illustrate benefits derived from taking risks. Even though both people in these texts undergo personal challenges, in “Neighbours” the character, Sally, receives greater benefits from taking risks than McCormick in “Breaking…

My worst Nightmare

IDEAS “I lay down and waited for the soothing blanket of sleep shroud me. A few second later the anticipated blackness and darkness hit me like a tuck” “Suddenly, the deafening noise of my phone alarm woke me up with a jolt. Then I new it was all just a dream” “The twisted feeling of…

No Fear Shakespeare

In English class, everyone lets out loud groans when they hear about their next units: Shakespeare. With the class complaining about the hard language and the difficulty of understanding the plays, the teacher might grow exasperated and let them read the infamously talked about book No Fear Shakespeare. The teachers are doing question thing when…

YEL In Difficult Situations

“In difficult situations, some people react calmly, while others react with panic.” Discuss. Usually, different people have different perspectives on viewing a difficult situation. In general, a difficult situation is the situation that is extremely hard to accomplish or endure. It may be dangerous, unpleasant, complicated, urgent, disastrous and etc. For example, crisis is one…

The Fear of Fat

Most – if not all – women do have this intense fear of extra weight. The percentage of fat content in their bodies scares most of them that they go the extra mile to achieve the so-called perfect body. This fear of fat – as Caroline Knapp calls it – may either be just a…

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear.” I bet no person will disagree to this statement. We all have fears. Some would admit it, most prefer hiding it. The fears we have inside serve as our weakness in our times of strong points. Facing and conquering these fears is the ultimate key to…

I didn’t do it! – Fear In The Crucible

“Fear is simply the consequence of every lie”~Fyodor Dostoyevski. Dostoyevski explains that fear and lying come hand to hand. Telling lies creates a fear of being discovered having told a lie. In addition, one only conjures a lie if there is something to hide. Therefore the discovery of secrets also induces fear. Fear, whether it…

Greed-and fear A special report on the future of finance

The report discusses the many flaws in organized financial markets but concludes that these markets should continue to operate on principles of initiative or creativity and with a reasonable amount of government regulation. While greed may be part of the cause of financial market instability, naivety and delusion contributed as well. Innovation in computer technology…

The Presence of Horror and Fear in ‘the Monkey’s Paw’ Story

This essay is an analysis of ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, a horror short story by William Wymark Jacobs. This story is about a talisman that shapes like monkey’s paw which has magical powers. It grants three wishes to its owner. It’s given to one family, husband, wife, and their son. They wish for some money, and…

Bogyphobia is the fear of bogies or the boogeyman.

The Boogeyman is a legendary monster-like ghost usually feared by children. More often than not, parents use the Boogeyman to make the children go to sleep or to eat or to behave. This Boogeyman was said to have originated from Scotland where there are creatures called bogles, boggart, or bogies. Retrieved from: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Bogeyman…

Healthy fear

Fear is a feeling; it is a reaction to something we are frightened of, a natural instinct when faced with something we feel may endanger us. However, fear can be healthy and/or unhealthy; for instance, being afraid of spiders is slightly unhealthy as they can not actually do any harm but if a person is…

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